Mount Shasta International Film Festival


Mount Shasta International Film Festival

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Directed by Jeff Spitz
Documentary • 57 minutes • USA

Living for more than six decades in Monument Valley, Utah, the Cly family, part of the Navajo tribe, has an extraordinary history in pictures. In 1997 a white man identifying himself as Bill Kennedy from Chicago showed up in Monument Valley with a silent film called Navajo Boy which he says his late father produced in the 1950s. Seeking to understand his father’s work on the Navajo Reservation, Kennedy returns the film to the people in it. When Cly family matriarch, Elsie Mae Cly Begay, watches the film she is amused to see herself as a young girl and delights in identifying other members of her family. Elsie recognizes her late mother in the old film as well as her infant brother, John Wayne Cly, who was adopted by white missionaries in the 1950s and never heard from again.
With The Return of Navajo Boy, Elsie seizes the opportunity to tell her family’s story for the first time, offering a unique perspective to the history of the American west. Using a variety of still photos and moving images from the 40s and 50s and telling their family story in their own voices, the Clys shed light on the Native side of picture making and uranium mining in Monument Valley.

Coming Attractions Theatre 1, Mount Shasta
Friday, October 7 11:00 am - 11:57 am

RATING: G All Ages

Mount Shasta International Film Festival