Mount Shasta International Film Festival


Mount Shasta International Film Festival

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USA 2008 • Documentary • 79 minutes
Directed by Scott Galloway, Brent Pierson

“Children of All Ages” speaks to the heart, and to the ready-to-be-amazed in all of us. This documentary covers Howard Tibbals’ massive miniature circus backyard, with its thousands of hand-made figures. A variety of retired circus performers look at this incredible display and reflext on how it matches their own memories of life under the traveling big top tent. The memories quickly shift to beautiful shots of young, contemporary performers carrying on the tradition at the PAL Sailor Circus, taking the traditional Big Top show in new directions pioneered by Cirque du Soleil. Children of All Ages is a delightful look back and toward the future of a unique art and entertainment form.

G All Ages

College of the Siskiyous, Weed - Ford Theater
Sunday, October 12 12:15 pm - 1:34 pm

Mount Shasta International Film Festival