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Mount Shasta International Film Festival

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USA 2007 • Feature Film • 111 minutes
Directed by Andrew Wagner

“Starting Out in the Evening” is a study of an artist who doesn’t give up. Heather Wolfe, a pretty, brash graduate student, is confident that her thesis on the once famous novelist Leonard Schiller will put her on the literary fast track. The more she comes to know Schiller, the more he confounds her: his willingness to write a novel where the characters tell him what the story is about. At first he’s seduced by Heather’s flattering attentions. Yet ultimately this thoughtful, dignified man wants only to finish what he has begun. He has no illusions about the scale of his achievement, but he has tried, through art, to bring a little more beauty, a little more tolerance, a little more coherence into the world. This film is a perceptive study of a writer’s motivation.

A Adult Content L Language
S Sexual Situations

Coming Attractions Theatre 6, Mount Shasta
Friday, October 10 11:30 am - 1:21 pm

Coming Attractions Theatre 3, Mount Shasta
Saturday, October 11 4:10 pm - 6:01 pm

Mount Shasta International Film Festival